Embedded Software Developer

Singapore, Singapore | Microsec | Full-time


This role is with Microsec, a company supported by SGInnovate.

About MicroSec:

MicroSec (www.usec.io) is a startup working in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) an Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity. MicroSec is revolutionising Cybersecurity for IoT and is helping to build smart cities across the globe. MicroSec is building the world's first Enterprise Grade Security Software for IoT and Sensor Network. The team comprises Hackers, Researchers and Cryptographers. (Read more about MicroSec: https://www.sginnovate.com/blog/security-made-simple)

Company Culture:

MicroSec believes in an open team culture with self-learning aspects. The company culture fosters innovation and a hacking environment where developers/interns get to learn real world hacks and discover vulnerabilities in given systems. Candidates will work on world class security protocols intended for IoT and smart city applications along with platforms like Raspberry PI, Beaglebone, Arduino and other embedded systems.


Embedded Software Developer

Applicants should be well versed in developing software for systems with low memory, CPU and bandwidth, with or without a Real-Time Operating Systems, to provide support libraries and application examples for IoT solutions. Successful candidates will be responsible for the implementation of MicroSec’s security solutions on embedded systems, as well as providing integration support of the solution on a variety of architectures and brands of IoT systems. They will also provide engineering support of key testing activities, including support of laboratory and field testing activities.
The candidate will be working in a field that’s essential to rapidly growing smart cities and the digital transformation of our world. They will be part of an agile team spanning embedded, frontend and backend systems and get opportunities to learn beyond their knowledge base. 


  • Experience in working with C/C++ language.
  • Working experience with Microcontrollers like ATMega, TI MSP430, or ARM Cortex-M0 and different forms of wireless transceivers.
  • Comfortable in a Linux environment.
  • Experience in working with embedded OS and different types of platforms.
  • Knowledge of MQTT or other messaging protocols.
  • Working understanding of public key infrastructure.

Desirable traits:

1. Desirable programming languages

  • Python
  • Socket programming
  • Assembly programming in one of more architectures relevant to embedded systems.

2. Desirable protocol knowledge:

  • TCP/IP stack
  • MQTT or other message broker
  • IoT communication protocols such as BLE, LoRa, ZigBee and others

3. Desirable skills:

  • Unit testing and integration testing
  • DevSecOps

4. Desirable Framework:

  • Django

Microsec pays industry-competitive salary with options such as Employee Stock Options.